Buffet style catering is ideal for just about any event. If your need is to service a large number of people quickly, efficiently and economically, we can provide a buffet line style service. This will allow guests to move quickly through the dinner service and take their seats for a pending presentation or lecture. This style is ideal for informal weddings and corporate meetings.


If you would rather that people mingle around and have conversation, we can provide buffet stations featuring smaller samplings of various cuisines. This will keep your guests moving and allow them to eat continuously throughout the event. This style is very popular for corporate events and cocktail parties. Whatever style of Buffet you choose, Sea Oaks is the vendor of choice for your next party.

Sea Oaks Buffet Style Catering is the Perfect Choice for

  • Budget Weddings
  • Corporate Outings and Mixers
  • Charity Events
  • Golf Tournaments
  • All Types of Family Events